Psychologist Session

CAPES Consultations

Our psychologists can consult regarding many issues. They can offer advice about a problem as well as discuss whether an assessment or therapy would be the best fit. For the most part, in life, we can trust people to provide sound, objective guidance and advice. However, sometimes we just need some professional advice in a confidential environment. Perhaps you have a matter that is a little too personal to share with friends and family or perhaps they do not have the objectivity or expertise to help.

At CAPES, we have the expertise and experience to provide practical guidance with many types of problems and challenges. These problems or challenges might not warrant an evaluation or therapy. So, through consultation, you often get the help that you need in 1-3 sessions. 

Sometimes you might need assistance with interfacing with school or college staff to ensure that you or your child, teen, or college student are able to gain access to the appropriate accommodations and services. We can advise you on how to advocate for additional help for academic difficulties. We have the expertise, training, and background to help schools and colleges recognize these needs and offer appropriate recommendations.

If you are not sure whether a psychological assessment or therapy is needed, an initial consultation can help you decide. Importantly, should you decide to move forward with an assessment, the initial consultation fee will be applied toward the assessment fee. If you are interested in setting up a consultation session, please contact us to set up an initial consultation appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you!