Self-Care for Stress Reduction

Many of us are relieved that 2020 is behind us, yet we are worried about what 2021 has in stock due to massive changes and uncertainties...

Remaining Resilient in 2021!

As we begin this new year, I am overwhelmed with all of the self-help, new ways of living, and stress management tips that fill my news...

Meditation Monday...or any day!

Executive functioning (EF) deficits are often associated with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, as a psychologist, when working...

Managing School and Work Stress

Summer is officially over and that means back to school and work! Being able to manage school and work stress, may be all about...

The Seriousness of Suicide

Sadly, media coverage of suicide may weaken suicide prevention efforts. Recently, it seems that we are losing an increasing number of key

Intervention Recommendation Overload?

Our present interconnected world offers so many sources that individuals often feel as if they are suffering from intervention

Reassuring Children about School Safety

It is difficult to shield our children from incessant media coverage increasing their risk of experiencing secondary trauma. Our data-stream

Sticking to Your New Year’s Goals

The New Year is upon us and along with it linger our New Year’s resolutions. Have you already considered discarding your goals this year...

Calming Weather Worries

Have you noticed that climate change and hurricane season produce a constant flow of weather events?