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Educational Advocacy

Educational Supports

  • Academic Therapy Center: Specializes in dyslexia, reading, and written expression therapy. All staff members are Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs). 

  • Austin Learning Center: Offers individualized tutoring for all subjects along with test preparation, and study skills training.

  • Boutique Educational Services: Offers individualized tutoring; organization and executive functioning coaching; social skills; and speech-language pathology.

  • Encompass Tutorial Services: Offers life coaching and mentoring; executive functioning, organizational, and planning; speech-language services; and tutoring.

  • GradePower Learning: Offers individual tutoring; small-group supplemental instruction; reading instruction; executive functioning training; and test preparation.

  • Huntington Learning Center: Programs are designed to offer individualized support for students in grades PreK through 12th for reading, writing, math, study skills, and test preparation. 

  • Kathy Pieper, MA, ET/P (Educational Therapist/Professional): Specializes in math support for secondary students in grades 7 through 1st semester of calculus). 

  • Lindamood Bell Learning Processes: Offers research-validated instruction for individuals with dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, CAPD, and autism spectrum disorders.


Specialty Providers

Adolescent Medicine Speciality Group

Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists

Group Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Austin DBT Associates

 Infertility, Postpartum, Pregnancy Loss, & Parenting

Vickie Schafer, Ph.D

Positive Psychology, Tech Addiction, & Guest Speaking

Mike Brooks, Ph.D.

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